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A MEMORABLE TRIP (Page 3) By Krishna Varier
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Mr. Tharoor proceeded to Ayurvedic center to meet the chief physician and to have consultation with him. Doctor had thorough check–up and precise study about the present health conditions of himself and children. The treatment was decided and to start from the next day morning.

By the shades of big Mango tree I walked to Kulappuramalika (bathing area) banked by a bath house. Since a large amount of wood was used in Malabar structures, the pool or Kulam were nearly always located outside the main building. In olden days the time and effort put into maintenance ensured that the Kulam was de-silted ever so often. As a result the water had such clarity that some times the lost ear-rings of women could be located shining through the waters many steps down. Sitting in one of the steps and looking at the clear water deep down I gradually got to dream my own dreams.

From early morning I could enjoy different tunes of a dozen variety of birds competing each other (whose sound is louder and the best. I could not stop me from going to nature, but waited for the dawn. Had my fresh up to have a village walk.

The sign board indicates that the road leads to Pallavoor. A tarred road through the middle of the paddy field. Coconut tree edges each one/two acre plot in that vast stretch. About a month grown paddy plants act as a thick green carpet on both sides of the road. Distant view of the horizon clearly distinguishes the deep blue sky from the greenery of the ground. Proper lighting is provided by the rising sun in the background. I don’t know how much I walked enjoying the village scenes. It was 9 AM when I returned to the Palace gate.

Had a quick bath and presented myself to Mr. Tharoor for having breakfast together. We continued our chatting even after finishing allotted quota of Iddili. Then came Kalavarakkaranavar inviting us to show his department.

A spacious room next to the kitchen was a treasure chest of delights. Large earthen jars holding piquant green mangoes pickled in oil, jack fruits bursting at the seam with yellowness, sunset red kadali plantains and golden pumpkins, star gooseberries that curled ones tongue with the anticipation of tartness and shell pink pearl Onions waiting to be skinned. This was the room of plenty, the children’s transit before reaching the pathayam, the store-house of paddy.

Mr. Tharoor left me saying he has to attend starting yoga session. Yoga is nothing but a try to know yourself. Authority of the definition goes to the writer himself. Once life gets detached from its mother object, Air or Vayu is the first thing it depends on. Or life is connected to the earthly feel through Vayu/air. And the source of life. Least this knowledge will enhance ones outlook or physical quality of life. This relief or added self confidence is what you achieve by doing Yoga.

Somebody entrusted to me the task of locating the abode of Iravan somewhere near Kollengode. Iravan is a super-human and his name heard from the place called Peringathiri, this is the information I had. More than two dozen people were interrogated by me for no use , to reveal the whereabouts of Iravan.

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