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AYURVEDA - An Introduction
Ayurveda means THE SCIENCE OF LIFE. This stream of knowledge passed on from generation to generation since eternity explains life from birth to death and suggests all possible natural ways to lead a long healthy life. Apart from treating diseases, Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of prevention of diseases. This can be achieved by following different 'Dos' and 'don'ts' as laid down by traditional Acharyas who had farsighted knowledge of nature. They considered all living creatures as the replica of nature. i.e. all perceptible substances are formed by the permutation and combination of the basic FIVE ELEMENTS or PANCHAMAHABHOOTHAS . These five elements thus form the basic structural elements of all objects in the universe. The functional units of the human body are formed by DOSHAS, DHATHUS, & MALAS which in turn are made up of these five elements. Diseases whether due to external or internal cause, occur due to the disequilibrium of these functional units. Even though there may be a structural abnormality, a disease will not manifest unless and until the function of organ(s) is affected. Doshas Vatha ,Pitha & Kapha (Tridosha) represent catabolism, conversion, and anabolism in the body. Ayurveda explains the body on the basis of tridosha theory which is eternal, applicable to all in any era. Ayurveda is the first system of medicine enriched with different medical specialties like general medicine, pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics etc.

The World Health Organization has realized the richness of Ayurveda and has listed it as the best and safest system of medicine. This system of medicine has captured great interest among western scholars and many are coming to India not only to percept its unfathomable depth but also to avail and assess its preventive and curative prospects. Unfortunately this opportunity is being exploited by money minded quacks and business people which has resulted in the mushrooming of Ayurvedic resorts throughout India practicing unscientific methods, thereby causing more harm than good to the patient.

About AYUS - A centre where avurveda is utilized scientifically.
Ayus Ayurvedic Health Center AYUS is actually a "dream come true" for a group of young, medically qualified doctors, who had a vision years back, of building up an institution, where Ayurvedic principles are not sacrificed. Situated in the capital city of Kerala, it has a panel of qualified doctors in various medical disciplines. The patient is examined by using modern technologies as well as Ayurvedic methods and treatment is purely based on Ayurvedic principles. Yoga, Naturopathy and Music therapy are supplemented along with Ayurvedic treatment.

Ayus Ayurvedic Health Centre is situated in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, in South India. Kerala is very famous for its exotic backwaters, beautiful beaches and divine temples. Nature has gifted kerala with an ideal weather condition. No wonder, the National Geographic Channel has chosen kerala as one among the 50 best tourist spots around the world one must never miss. Apart from being a centre of tourist attraction, Kerala having a literacy rate of nearly 100%, has achieved world wide recognition in the health sector. Keralites achieved this mainly by their food habits & life style which are mainly based on Ayurveda.


Panchakarma Purifactory methods viz. vamana, virechana, vasthi, nasya, & rakthamoksha, after preparing the body with sneha & sweda. For vathic ailments like backache, spondylosis, paralysis, headache etc & for other systemic illness Abhyanga, Swedana, Dhara, Udwarthana (De-fattening therapy), Anjana, etc are done.
REJUVENATION THERAPY - Rasayana and vajeekarana treatment for immunodeficent diseases & for sexual dysfunction. Seasonal regimes are advised to prevent occurrence of diseases due to climatic changes.

Life of modern man is far removed from nature. Due to changes in life style, untimely, unwholesome, & improper food habits, consumption of intoxicating beverages, sexual malpractices, the immunity of modern man is declining day by day and many new diseases are emerging. Of these Allergies, Hypertension, Diabetes mellitus and their complications have become rampant in the society. So the doctors of AYUS Ayurvedic Health Centre have developed simple and scientific method for the management of the above mentioned diseases.

ALLERGY or altered immune response occurs in an individual when one's body is made up of unwholesome substances because of which his body reacts with wholesome substances in a peculiar manner (Hypersensitivity). We normalize these improperly formed tissues, neutralize the allergic substances, eliminate the toxins and'enhance the immunity by administering internal and external medicines along with strict diet restrictions and life style regulations.

HYPERTENSION & DIABETES In recent times people are aware of the importance of both diseases as herald of complications commonly attributed to old age. Method of management in modern science is suppression of symptoms and forceful reduction of blood pressure or blood sugar. Symptomsand disease manifest immediately On stopping the medicines in a more severe form. But in Ayurveda the cause of hypertension and diabetes are being treated. The abnormal functioning of vatha and improper formation of kapha (metabolic dysfunction) which are the prime causatives of hypertension & diabetes respectively are brought to their normal states. A regime congenial to maintain health is also prescribed to prevent their recurrence.

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