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Privacy Policy

We at KeralaTour.com primarily collect information about you to understand you better and to meet your exacting requirements about what KeralaTour.com should be all about. Our aim is to provide you a personalized experience!

We collect information about you...

We would collect information from you primarily during the following uses of the Web Site:
When registering for certain services such as personalization, chat, email, community pages, contests and promotions;
When providing us feedback on our feedback form;
When you opt to receive e-mail or other communications from us;
Any other service which requires you to provide personal information.

Your consent
You agree that any information that you may provide us with regard to yourself (such as e-mail address, postal address, personal preferences, financial information, etc) is at your free and voluntary will.

Use of information by us
This information will primarily be used for the following purposes:
Providing customization [and verification]. Our agents or we may use the information provided by you to customize your visit to the Web Site by displaying appropriate content at our judgement and discretion;
Send you information about us and our partners in providing you the Web Site;
To contact you when required.

Use of information by Third Parties
We may also provide the information collected from you to Third Parties (including our partners in providing you with the services on the Web Site). The Third Parties would be entitled to use the information for preparing their business plans, forecasts, etc and may forward you promotional material. We disclaim any liability for any loss, injury, and damage or otherwise caused to you due to the use of information by Third Parties.

You may expressly request us to forward your personal information to any Third Party providing services on our Web Site (including auction organizers, contest sponsors, etc). We may use devices to record and track the pages that you have visited along with the personal information that you have provided. You may wish to eliminate the use of these devices if you have customized your browser.

Your option to discontinue
You may opt not to receive any further information or promotional literature from us or any Third Party providing services on the Web Site. Upon such request from you, we shall discontinue the use of information provided by you about yourself for the purpose of sending further information to you. We shall also not provide such information to any Third Party from the date of your request for discontinuance. However, we shall not be liable for the use of any information provided by you which we have already divulged to Third Parties, prior to receiving your request for discontinuance.

Contacting Us:
E-mail: privacy@KeralaTour.com

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