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Adventure Tour
No. Of Days: 7-14 days

Life is incomplete without adventure. Hence adventure tour is designed so well to have enough adventure and suspense.

The Package

>Canoe challenge
See God's own country by canoeing in country canoes through lakes canals & rivers. Get the hospitality of people over here by knowing them very closely. Be with them while you are on move. Morning & evening 3 hours canoeing when the weather is favorable to you. Select a convenient route like Alleppey Quilon or Quilon Kottayam or Cochin Kodungallore Cochin Moovattupuzha or Cannanore Calicut. No traffic jam. No air pollution. No sound pollution. No headlight. No horn. No telephone.

We have two established trips. Canoeing for three days . Including arrival and departure it comes to five days altogether. The second one is for seven days.
The village covered for the tour are the most beautiful parts of Kuttanad in Alleppey.
This unique tour fetched us popularity world over.

Country walk
Explore the beauty of God's own country by foot. Cover the state by walk. Study the geography of Kerala where the climate is at your will. Start with TOP STATIONS - enjoy the high range with its plantations, waterfalls, and rocks.
River view - riverside walk along with the current in the plains. Witness village life along the route. Waves and Shore - walking by seaside milky sand and watching land making love with sea is a different feeling.
Forest hide- Get the sights of forests with tribals to guide you.

Cycling Adventure:
Using less crowded village roads you can see the state by cycling at different locations. Have it for 12 days. Details of adventure tour on inquiry.

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