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Mystic Tour
No. Of Days: 19 Nights/ 20 Days

Like a lot of other beautiful things in life, South India, especially Kerala has to be experienced, not read about or its stories merely listened to. Experience new people, new lifestyles, new foods, new thoughts, new cultural backgrounds, new terrains.

The Mystic tour is one of our most comprehensive tours covering most of the important tourist attractions in Kerala and south India. The tour gives an insight into the history, a glimpse of the cultural heritage and a chance to relax on the beautiful beaches.

Places of Visit:
Madras: National Museum and Art Gallery - Once flourished under royal patronage the temple architecture stands as specimens of past Glory. They are repositories of ancient mythology and treasure. This museum is a storehouse of Heritage. This museum has sculptures from Buddhist cult and Bronze gallery relating to various dynasties of Pallava, Chola, Hoysala and Chalukya periods.
Dakshinachitra: Enjoy the sight of reconstruction of traditional houses and other artifacts from rural areas of South India.
Mamallapuram : Once a thriving port. Pallava Chisels have breathed life into stone in this seashore temple. Art at this place, emphasizes robust earthly beauty imbibed with life.
Thanjavur: Great Chola emperor built a big temple in his capital. A Gigantic four meter high image of Siva installed in this temple - Mahalingam. This Brahadeswara Temple’s tower is a testimony to the engineering skill of Chola architects who planned its construction in such a way that the shadow of the cupola (top dome shaped portion) never falls on the ground.
Nagapattinam: An important town between Nagoor and Velamkanni. Nagoor has a renowned Muslim pilgrim center. Velamkanni houses a Roman Catholic Church, which is declared as a holy pilgrim center by Pope.
Chettinad: Conservative merchant community from South Tamilnadu. Chettiyars live here in fortress like mansions. Their ornamental place of residence is built with teak from Burma, Satin wood from Ceylon, each repository of an indelible heritage.
Madurai: This old city is aged Two thousand six hundred years both historically and Mythological. Its Meenakshi temple has a hall of thousand pillars of which the outer-most corridor has unique musical stone pillars. Deities wedding day is celebrated as annual festival here.
Kanyakumari: Name of the place given after the prominent virgin deity of the famous shore temple. Memorials of eminent philosophers Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda are seated here. Lands end of Southern India where Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal meet.
Padmanabhapuram Palace: Majestic and carved wooden palace built strictly as per Vastu-sastra guidelines. The black shiny floors are made of unique combination of egg white, jaggery, burnt coconut charcoal, lime and river sand.
Kovalam: World famous beach, which has crescent shaped, palm fringed coves is ideal for sea /sun bath, catamaran cruising and water sports.
Oachira: This pilgrim center owes allegiance to the Advaitha philosophy in Hinduism. Being an abstract concept that cannot be symbolized in an iconographic manner, there is no temple structure here.
Mannarasala: Most significant site of snake worship and houses Thirty thousand images of Snake-Gods.
Kuttanad: Natures this wonderland lies below sea level. It has its own way of life in the waterfront. Unlike the usual practice here dewatering done first to start cultivation of paddy in the reclaimed area.
Chinese Fishing nets: It is a mechanical devise for fishing installed originally by the Chinese traders.
Jewish Synagogue: Built in 1563 AD, this is one of the oldest prayer halls of the Jews. It has scrolls of old testament.
Mattamcherry Palace: Dutch palace built by Portuguese and ruled over to the king in 1555 AD.
St.Fransis Church: Protestant church built in 1510 AD by the Portuguese. Vascodagama initially buried here.
Punnathoorkotta: Home for temple elephants numbering to over fifty. Watching their stylish bath is a memorable event.
Trichur: Due to its archaeological cultural and heritage wealth Trichur is the cultural capital of Kerala. Sakthan Thampuran is the architect of this famous town.
Baypore: Famous maritime center. For the last one thousand five hundred years Baypore is known for its ship building Industry. Construction yard here is famous for the Arabian trading vessel known as Uru.
Calicut: The seat of Zamurins, was a world famous port for traders. Nilambur Teak traded and exported from here.
Vythiri: One of the very best hill stations of Wayanad ,at 700 MSL. This Ghat-pass has Gurgling streams and luxuriant forests.
Kuruwadweep: Uninhabited bird sanctuary.950 acres on the eastward bound of Kabani River is an ideal picnic spot. The wooded stretch of land is home to rare species of birds, orchids and herbs. Rare varieties of bird come here for breeding.
Mysore Palace: Built in Indo-Saracenic style, is profusely decorated and gilded palace of Tipu Sultan.
Halebid: Strikingly beautiful Hoysala temples standing on platform like a casket, is a sculptural extravaganza.
Belur: Carved in black stone the exotic bracket figures on the walls of Channakeshava temple is serene playful and amorous enhancing the overall effect of this pinnacle of Hoysala architectural excellence.
Bangalore: Blessed with a salubrious climate and dotted with beautiful parks which have earned it the name, the sobriquet garden city.
Sravanabelagola: A monolithic statue of Lord Gomateshwara a jain saint and an object of worship for centuries. Eighteen meter high, this statue is said to be one of the tallest and most graceful monolithic statues in the world.

The Package

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Day 01 Meet and greet at Airport on arrival at Madras. Transfer to Hotel. Visit to National Museum. Proceed to beach in the evening. Overnight stay at the hotel.
Day 02 To Dakshinachitra. Proceed to Mahabalipuram.Check in. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 03 Sight seeing of Mamallapuram. Overnight stay at hotel.
Day 04 To Thanjavur. Check in. Visit to Museum after lunch. Temple visit in the evening.
Day 05 Day for Sight seeing of Nagoor or Chettinadu. Back to hotel for overnight stay.
Day 06 To Madurai. Check in. Sight seeing in the afternoon. Temple visit in the evening.
Day 07 To Capecomorin. Check in. Visit to Vivekananda rock and Gandhi Ghat. Overnight stay at hotel.
Day 08 To Padmanabhapuram palace. Proceed to Kovalam. Check in. Overnight at hotel.
Day 09 Day free for sun/sea bath. City sightseeing of Trivandrum is optional. Overnight at hotel.
Day 10 To Kalari. Proceed to Alleppey for House Boat. Enroute visits to Oachira and Mannarasala temples. Check in. Cruise starts. Visit to Kuttanad. Overnight stay in House Boat.
Day 11 Check out from House Boat after Breakfast. Proceed to Ernakulam. Check in. Kathakali show for the evening. Overnight at hotel.
Day 12 Sight seeing of Fort Cochin. History Museum. Overnight at hotel.
Day 13 To Punnathoor kotta. Proceed to Baypore. Reach Calicut for overnight stay.
Day 14 To Vythiri resort. Check in. Visit to Pookot lake. Overnight at resort.
Day 15 To Kuruwadweep or wild life tour. Overnight at resort.
Day 16 To Mysore. Check in. Palace visit. Overnight at hotel.
Day 17 Sightseeing of Mysore. Overnight at hotel
Day 18 To Hassan for Halebid and Belur. Proceed to Sravanabelagola. Reach Bangalore for overnight stay.
Day 19 Sightseeing of Bangalore. Overnight at Hotel.
Day 20 Departure transfer. Tour ends.

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