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Festivals Delight

Our festivals has got its own morality.Successful completion of every festival confirms active participation of individual.Rites and rituals are performed to invoke the presiding diety. Designated individual has events to act and roles to play, making a cause for the get together in the temple premises.

Nature of tour: Meet and greet on arrival. Transfer to hotel. Change your dress to Dhoti/Pyjamma and Jubba. Become a Keralaite. Spend couple of days to enjoy the festivity. Familiarise art and art forms related to various regions Have a discourse with the respective people, religious leaders and priest.Take one ritual as a cultural momento with you.

The Package

Event Calendar
January Thaipooyam Art and Craft Fair.
February Bharani Kettukuthira ( effigy of Horse)
March Sivaratri Panchavadiyam. (Drumming of Temple percussion instruments.)
April Vishu Pooram - Assembly of Gods in Caparisoned Elephants
May Padayanikkolam Nature worship.
June Oachirakkali Martial art presentation
July Kalamezhuthu Floral decoration with natural color powder.
August Onam Flower decoration on floor in every home. All art forms presented.
September Vallamkali Snake boat races
October Festival of lights Pooja,Deepavali and Karthika. 
November Ratholsavam Holly Chariot Pulling.
December Kaliyattam Theyyam  festival

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