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Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra or in other words foundation, body and wisdom, forms the independent trinity of life. Health of the body, mind and consciousness thus depends on the knowledge and practice of these three in daily life. Yoga - the science of spirit, teaches us to make union with the divine or the ultimate truth. The object of practice of yoga is liberation. Practically it is an important and natural preventive measure to ensure good health.

Holistic Tour
The holistic Treat Tour Package focuses on the process of weight control with the help of Yoga, Ayurveda and Nature Cure. The three weeks program clubs the above three scientific approaches.
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Patanjali - the father of Yoga, tells us about its eight areas and yogic practices. The natural regulation of nervous system, discipline, cleansing, postures, concentration, contemplation, the awakening of awareness and the state of perfect equilibrium. Yogic exercise has both preventive and curative value. They bring individual to the natural state of tranquility, which is equilibrium. Yogic practice help to bring natural order and balance to the neurohormones and metabolism, thus improving the endocrine system resulting in stress release. Yogic practice for treatments like hypertension, diabetes, asthma and obesity are remarkably effective.

Yoga Considered a prerequisite for spiritual health, meditation forms part and parcel of yogic practice. It is known to bring awareness, harmony and natural order to life. It awakens the intelligence to make life happy, peaceful and creative. The awakening of this creative intelligence is the benediction of meditation. Meditation results in increased relaxation, unlocking the storehouse of energy within the body. Meditation can be incorporated into any form of mind training that calms the body, increases awareness and creates greater focus for any action that is sincere, pure and heartfelt. Benefits of meditation include a greater sense of relaxation in both mind and body, greater flexibility of thinking, an ability to meet situations with freshness and insight. From the standpoint of pure physical expression, it can help loosen the knots and tension trapped in the body by disturbing emotions. It can help to change both facial expression and body posture, thereby softening and strengthening at the same time. These are some of the possible results, but they are not the goals. Meditation helps strengthen the positive qualities of compassion, patience and wisdom and frees us of conflicting emotions and erroneous beliefs.

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